Lauren Director

I practice yoga with the intention to connect to divine radiance. I recognize a light within each of us, one that is embodied in self. I practice yoga to create harmony in my body and empty out the sub-conscious matter that can cloud my vision, to hold space for others' healing journey and practice.

I am elevated by subtle body work and meditation, offerings that I have crafted in my classes through study of Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga traditions. My recent studies in Kundalini Yoga Therapy have illuminated interest in hands-on energy work and vibrational sound healing though mantra. I have been aligned to work with great teachers, namely, Leah Hartofelis with Breathe N Flow Yoga, Guru Dharam, Kundalini Yoga Therapy, and Kenny Frisby, Lotus Flow. It is my life-long journey to unite unity with breath, to better serve the higher self, and the lives of others.

Elizabeth Fuqua