Rita Trieger

For over a decade, Rita Trieger has been teaching yoga for various departments of Stamford Hospital, including the Bennett Cancer Center, The Sarner Health and Fitness Institute, and Intensive Cardiac Rehab where she has served as the stress-management facilitator and case manager for the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for the Reversal of Heart Disease.

Rita also helped develop an ongoing meditation program for  the hospital's psychiatric department, and is a senior teacher/trainer for the Connecticut Challenge Center for Survivorship, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health and wellness options for cancer patients and survivors. Rita has presented yoga therapy to medical students at Yale University, St.Vincent's Nursing School, and Northern Westchester Medical School. Her abstract and article, Open Heart Yoga was published in the spring of 2011 for the medical journal, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, and she is the author of Yoga Heals Your Back (Fairwinds, 2005). She is the founder and former editor-in-chief of FitYoga magazine, and is member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Rita loves to incorporate healing therapies, like aromatherapy and Reiki, into each class, and really enjoys putting together fun and inspiring playlists for each practice. A few years ago she became an ordained minister and Rita's new favorite pastime is officiating weddings -- including her own daughter's. "Being an officiate is such a happy experience - it's so sweet to be around the energy of a wedding -- joyful, nervous, full of love, laughter, tears and usually a sprinkling of drama. Just like life."

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