Victoria Fowler

Victoria is a 200 RYT and has been yogic practitioner her whole life. Victoria's parents, who have always been involved with yoga (philosophy, meditation practices and asana) first met in an ashram. She was very lucky to be brought up in an open-minded environment - as well as vegetarian kitchen... Fun fact: Victoria has never eaten a piece of meat in her entire life!

During Victoria's studies at Hofstra University (where she graduated with a BA in Dance) she began to cultivate her asana practice. Victoria believe's that yoga has helped her to strengthen and expand her dancing in more ways then I ever imagined... She began to use dance as a form of personal mediation which was derivative of how she felt during my asana practice. Yoga also helped her centre and expand her mind, body soul and spirit. From there is where Victoria began to dive into a more well-rounded practice, spiritually and physically.  

Victoria had the opportunity to be an Asana demonstrator as different events such as: Reebok Pump Crawl, Athleta Yoga in Bryant Park and Sound Off Yoga. She also assisted Kat Fowler Yoga at the Union Square Sweat Fest and other various events. Victoria teaches all different styles from Vinyasa Flow to Yogance. In 2017 she taught a breast cancer benefit class for Bloomingdales: Get Fit with Pink Yoga event sponsored by Spiritual Gangster!

In addition to teaching yoga, Victoria began professionally teaching dance in 2012. She teaches all ages from 2.5 years old and up. Her main styles are Modern/Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Improvisation, and Creative Movement for adults and children.

Victoria is a professional dancer in and around the New York City area. Upon graduating Hofstra University with a BA in Dance, she was accepted in the prestigious Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. The choreographers she has worked with include, but are not limited to, Richard Hinds, Cat Cogliandro, Derek Mitchell, Mike Esperanza, and Jared Jenkins. She has preformed with Robin Becker Dance Company, Of Bones||Hollye Bynum, Catastrophe!Dance in various performances. Victoria is currently preforming and an active member with KAKE Dance Company.Victoria has also performed all around New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Boston areas.

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