25 hour Prenatal Yoga Private Mentor Teacher Training

3 Month Outline

  • 9 hours combination of Class Observations, Class Assisting, and Practice Teaching

  • 6-8 hours group Class Practice

  • A minimum of 3 sessions (one per month) One-on-One Student-Teacher Private Mentor Meetings.

  • 5 non-contact hours include readings/reflections/class preparation. 


$395 PLUS cost of 3 privates ($100 per private or $275 if all 3 paid in advance) paid by cash or check.    

*Tuition includes Teacher Training Manual and Unlimited Prenatal Yoga Classes during training period.

Course Curriculum is a combination of:

  • General Background in the Specialty Area

  • Techniques Training and Practice

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  •  Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Prenatal Yoga Teachers

  • Practicum (observing and teaching hours)

  • Electives (Prenatal Restorative Yoga and Prenatal Positive Psychology)

  • At-home study including reading and written assignments.

For more information please contact Leah@bnfyoga.com with subject line "Private Mentor Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training"

I took the prenatal yoga teacher training at BNFYoga in the summer of 2014. Leah created a supportive and safe environment for all of us to learn and grow. The course was interactive and informative and I was confident in my ability to teach prenatal yoga by the end of it. Learning more about the process of being pregnant, and the extra care and awareness that needs to be given, both as a teacher and a student, has helped me tremendously now that I am pregnant myself.

Currently I teach prenatal yoga 3 times a week, learning more from the women who practice with each class. I am also expecting, and take prenatal classes as often as I teach them which has been great. It has been a unique and beautiful learning experience for me and I look forward to continue to expand on my experience at BNFYoga.
— Caitlin