Yoga Teacher Trainings

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200 Hour Teacher Training

Breathe N Flow Yoga’s 2019 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs is open for registration!

BNFYoga's Comprehensive Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program is designed for those Yoga Students who are interested in deepening their own personal practice, and for those who wish to share their love of Yoga with others by becoming a Yoga Teacher.  

Embark upon this 3 or 6 month Journey as we delve into the history of Yoga, teachings of Yoga Asana techniques, adjustments, hands on assisting and modifications, Yoga Philosophy & Text, Physical and Energetic Anatomy, Pranayama, Sanskrit Studies, Meditation, Sound Healing, as well as Introduction to specialty practices such as Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.

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Breathe N Flow Yoga is proud to be the first Yoga Alliance approved Prenatal Yoga School on Long Island.

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Our Teacher Training Program is open to all 200 hr certified/registered yoga teachers, midwives, doulas, and all professional childbirth educators interested in offering expecting mothers the tools needed to stay healthy and fit mentally, physically, and emotionally during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, through the specialized practice of Prenatal Yoga. Learn the skills needed to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, relaxation techniques and childbirth preparation.

Breathe N Flow Yoga Private Mentor Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Leah Hartofelis

This teacher training outline offers students the unique and personalized benefits of a private mentorship with Leah Hartofelis, Owner of Breathe N Flow Yoga and director of Yoga Alliance registered Prenatal Yoga School Program. 





I would recommend taking Yoga Teacher Training at Breathe n Flow to anyone looking to take the path of Yoga further. Whether you’ve been wandering down this path for a little while and want to learn where it will take you or if you’ve been on this road for some time and want to give others correct directions… Their program mixed the spiritual, physical and business of Yoga in a way that I think few other studios could. Now, having overcome the challenges of the course with the very heart felt support of all the teachers involved, I feel both prepared to teach and intrigued to learn even more. Thank you, to all at Breathe n Flow.
I whole-heartedly recommend Breathe N Flow Yoga if you are considering Yoga Teacher Training. This 200 hour plus training incorporated everything that I believe a new teacher should be exposed to. The focus of my entire life has been transformed as a result of this training. I cannot adequately express in words how grateful I am that I decided to trust my instincts, follow my dreams and take the leap towards becoming a Yoga Instructor. I thought I loved yoga before. That love is now multiplied and I am so excited to share it with my future students. Yoga has truly become on and off the mat for me. I assure you that it will be a truly rewarding experience for you, too. Live your dream and take the leap. I promise you will experience BIG LOVE. Namaste
I took the prenatal yoga teacher training at BNFYoga in the summer of 2014. Leah created a supportive and safe environment for all of us to learn and grow. The course was interactive and informative and I was confident in my ability to teach prenatal yoga by the end of it. Learning more about the process of being pregnant, and the extra care and awareness that needs to be given, both as a teacher and a student, has helped me tremendously now that I am pregnant myself. Currently I teach prenatal yoga 3 times a week, learning more from the women who practice with each class. I am also expecting, and take prenatal classes as often as I teach them which has been great. It has been a unique and beautiful learning experience for me and I look forward to continue to expand on my experience at BNFYoga.